Application Development and Automation Careers with Our Technology Practice

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Access Healthcare’s Technology practice is about 250 people strong and growing aggressively. Our technology practice offers two streams of career opportunities:

  1. Product Development and Enhancement., Access Healthcare’s proprietary business process management suite, has seen through two lifecycles of product enhancement. The suite comprises of 16 applications including workflow, workforce, knowledge, and employee management.
  2. Process Automation Technologies. Access Healthcare’s automation platform includes a suite of process automation tools built on machine learning, artificial intelligence and other evolving technologies. Our automation lab has some of the brightest minds in the business, working on leading edge toolsets like Tensorflow, Xamarin, Perl/Python, amongst others.

As a part of our technology practice, you will be constantly challenged to find innovative solutions to business problems, and work directly with business leaders.   We are looking for passionate IT professionals who would like to work on leading edge of healthcare IT and business process transformation technologies.

Explore Technology careers with Access Healthcare.

Talent Acquisition

Client Partner - Talent Acquisition, IT Recruitment

The talent acquisition for IT recruitment involves both internal and external sourcing channels, thereby understanding the requirements and able to locate the candidates in the market.

    HL7 and Application Interfaces

    Director - HL7 and Application Interfaces

    The Director will be responsible for managing overall HL7 implementation and application interfaces projects for Access Healthcare customers. The position reports to the Head of Application Services. 

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    Solution Architect- Process Automation and Products

    Solution Architects will be required to work on business process automation platforms, develop new solutions, and enable adoption of automation solutions across Access Healthcare's service delivery teams.

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    Data Scientist

    As a Data Scientist, you will be responsible for data management, analytics modeling, and business analysis. This role will focus on interpreting data using machine learning and algorithm to propose solutions to solve complex business challenges. 


    Web Designer - Application Design

    As a web designer, you will be responsible for planning and implementation of layout, design, and interfaces for internal as well as client facing applications. 

    SQL Server Database Administrator Jobs

    SQL Server Database Administrator

    As a Database Administrator, you will be responsible for the maintenance and management of the performance, integrity, and security of the SQL Server Database.



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    Business Analysts

    As part of our technology practice, business analysts work with business and technology leaders to develop custom solutions for business issues, and help define the roadmap for our products.

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    Business Analyst- HL7

    The Business Analyst specializing in  HL7 technology and interfaces will be a part of our client facing applications delivery team. As we support several customers on the healthcare IT platforms, he/she will be responsible for building, testing, and implementing the interfaces .

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    Mobile Application Developer

    Mobile Applications developer will be responsible for developing cross-platform mobile applications for Access Healthcare's customers.

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      Senior Software Engineer/ Software Engineers

      Specialized software careers in customer facing Healthcare IT applications development, process automation, and product development.