White Papers on Revenue Cycle Services and Process Automation

All our latest Thinking on medical billing, medical Coding, Accounts Receivable and  denial management Processes, Robotic process automation, Artificial intelligence, machine learning and more..

The business of healthcare is changing and you need a partner that takes your business forward.  Find Insights and perspectives on the latest trends in healthcare revenue cycle.

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How not to lose money when you migrate to a new revenue cycle system 

System transitions are one of the most significant causes of lost revenue in healthcare revenue cycle  management.  In this paper, we examine the key challenges of  transitioning to new revenue cycle platforms, and  share some of the best practices from our experience. 

Scaling up Revenue Cycle BPO Operations

Scaling up Revenue cycle BPO Operations- Lessons from our Experience

Faced with the daunting task of deploying over 1,000 people with healthcare industry knowledge and experience, Access Healthcare’s recruitment, training, and operations team had to think differently. The team had to react fast and develop multi-pronged approach including leadership participation in the hiring program, utilization of automation tools for hiring, selection and training, creating a lucrative referral program, and strong brand messages. We bring you lessons from our experience of building a 1,000 people operations in less than two months in a completely new city.