Senior Director / Lead Director- Revenue Cycle Services Operations

Work Location: Chennai

The Senior Director/Lead Director Operations will be responsible for service delivery across a set of processes for a set of clients in the healthcare revenue cycle management space.

Key tasks & responsibilities

  • Team Performance Management
    • Improve Accounts/Teams Performance Motivate team to achieve desired Quality and Production targets
    • Conduct performance appraisals for Assistant Director, Director, Delivery Managers, Assistant Delivery Managers, Group Leaders and assist with appraisals
    • Identify training needs and arrange for training, re-training and cross training, as required Assistant Delivery Managers ADM and GL to implement corrective action as required
    • Responsible for attendance and shrinkage control across client teams
  • Develop Policies and Procedures and monitor adherence
    • Conduct periodic and surprise audits and checks to ensure compliance with documented policies and procedures
    •  Development and maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other documentation to ensure uniformity across teams and processes Transition Management
    • Responsible for studying the processes of the client, gathering all information that would be required for the Service delivery team
  • Service Delivery Compliance and Process Improvement
    • Support and monitor day-to-day work processes and meet production and Service Level Agreements (SLA)
    • Innovate to optimize production and constantly improve Production, Quality and Turnaround Time
    • Facilitate to meet contractual obligations and client expectations. Assess and forecast staffing requirements based on client communication and incoming volume
    • Participate in and contribute to client conference calls, management meetings and department meetings
    • Draw a plan of action in coordination with Assistant Directors, Directors, Delivery Managers, ADM (Assistant Delivery Managers) and the Quality Analyst based on feedback from the Quality Analyst
    • Assist Manger, ADM (Assistant Delivery Manager) to manage the availability of Billing Executives on a real-time basis to ensure SLA is met
  • Recruitment and Training
    • Maintain cost effective and stable workforce to absorb volume volatility
    • Coordinate with the HR department to recruit per expected volume and required skill sets
    • Ascertain training areas based on reports from the Quality Analyst and reduce unwanted costs Contingency plans
  • Transition and Client Communication
    • Working out detailed project plans on how Service Delivery teams can go live
    • Work through the initial period of pilot testing and establish firm communication channels with the client for all types of escalations Account management and Client relationship management
    • Regularly reviews the performance on the program with the client and ensures that the program is indeed running according to client expectations.
    • Submits periodic reports to the superiors on the performance and the growth plans available with the client.
    • Conducts a monthly business review meeting with the client and ensures the resolution of all issues to the satisfaction of the clients
    • Works out the impact of the requests and the requirements of the client in terms of time, effort and resource cost and makes appropriate decision based on the context
    • Responsible for future growth from the client and works on increasing the value add as also the revenue share from the client

eligibility Criteria

  • Should have 15 to 18 years of Experience in BPO Operations
  • Preferably from Healthcare Background (Physician or Hospital billing)
  • Excellent Communication skill
  • US Travel Visa and transition experience will be an advantage