Access Healthcare’s Denial Management Services

Denial management is a critical element to a healthy cash flow and successful Revenue Cycle Management. Leverage Access Healthcare to quickly and easily determine the cause of denials, mitigate the risk of future denials, and get paid faster.

Focus on What Matters

Healthcare organizations get paid to make people feel better… not to run around dealing with insurance companies and tracking down why a claim is denied. Leverage Access Healthcare’s systematic best practices and proven methodology to bring excellence to your Revenue Cycle Management, including the denial management process. Glean insights into why claims are denied, learn how you can avoid denials going forward, and get paid faster.

Denial Management Services


Each patient is unique when it comes to the care you provide so each denied claim is also unique. Access Healthcare uses a systematic, hands-on approach to ensure each claim receives the attention it needs to be resolved quickly, while also adhering to a strict systematic approach and defined best practices. This ensures maximum results… more money being collected faster.

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Each claim is analyzed and researched by an Access Healthcare associate to determine the best course of action.

Increased ROI- CDI


Prioritize claims based on payer, amount, age of Bill, or other business rules to ensure maximum benefits.

Denial Prevention


Improve the health of your practice and prevent future denials with suggestions for process improvements.

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Bring excellence to your back office Revenue Cycle Management

Spend less time worrying about getting paid and more time on creating great patient experiences. Leverage Access Healthcare across some or all of your RCM disciplines to unlock value in your revenue cycle.